ORCID Plugin - ORCID iD Not Retrieved After Connecting/Registering

the error in the log seems to come from a registration Notification plugin
Can you disable it temporarily and let me know, if the problem still exist ?
By the way, Which API you are using in your setting ?

I have disabled the Registration notification plugin and tried again. But the ORCID authorization window turned blank after “authorize”. I am using Public API. For your reply… Thanks

When I edit the “Submission ORCID” and “Requesting ORCID record access” email templates, the backend email template editor automatically inserts the journal path to the beginning of ORCID authorization URL {$authorOrcidUrl}, and I could only remove this by modifying the database, specifically the message body in “email settings” table.
Is there such a situation here, because I see entry in the message of @ojknl20


I too have the same issue. ORCID authorize link automatically send to authors like this - https://mysite.com/xyz/management/settings/{$authorOrcidUrl}

I have disabled the ORCID plugin, there is no other way around to solve this issue.

hi @drugurkocak and @kksabu

sorry for the late answer.
Just wanted to keep you updated that I am working for a solution to finding errors like this in the orcid plugin in a systematic way.

This is what I ended up doing too.
I did a “SELECT * FROM email_template_settings WHERE setting_value LIKE ‘%orcid%’
to find all those settings related to orcid.
Then I edited every setting_value in that table that had the site’s link before the real orcid variable like href=“https://www.mysite.org/site/management/settings/{$authorOrcidUrl}
and replaced if with just

then the plugin email templates have correct links in them and we were able to use the orcid plugin.

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thanks a lot @ojknl20 for the information. this can be helpful to others too.

Any news or solutions for this problem? when we upgrade to, we detected the same problem.

Do you have the newest plugin version and checked the credentials are really correct ?

Ans also the solution provide by @ojknl20