ORCID Plugin - ORCID iD Not Retrieved After Connecting/Registering

We have been working with sandbox credentials to test the ORCID plugin before we can obtain production ORCID credentials. When we attempt to register new accounts connected to test ORCID iDs, we can successfully log into our sandbox ORCID account, but none of the information automatically populates the registration fields, nor is the ORCID iD associated with the account in any apparent way (viewing the Public tab on the test account’s profile shows a blank field for ORCID iD, and sandbox ORCID iDs cannot be entered manually). If we attempt to manually enter the ORCID in the profile, the character limit prevents us from entering a sandbox ORCID iD.

Are sandbox ORCID credentials not accepted on OJS 3?
Additionally, if you run a journal that was able to obtain production credentials for use with OJS from ORCID, how were you able to do a demonstration of your ORCID integration in order to obtain production credentials?

Thank you for any insight you may have.

Hi @ualjp,

I was working on the plugin for a while, in the current version of the plugin (1.1.1) the user registration with ORCID is not working with OJS 3.1.2. The issue is known and I just filed it today: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/4601

We are still working on a solution.

But you should be able to use Sandbox credentials and should be able to connect the ORCID iD from the User profile page . See the public tab and connect and authenticate ORCID iD with the button.


Nils Weiher

After update of OJS to 3.1.2, I am facing a problem. Whenever, the editor makes a decision Revision or Accepted of manuscript, the email is not delivered to the author. Rather we receive error message with the subject line : Subject: [SJOM] Submission ORCID.

I was surprise, this has nothing to do with the editor decison of accepting/rejecting/revision of article.

Then I looked at the metadata of the article (specificaly the author details), and I noticed a strange fields regarding the ORCID (Screenshot attached ).


And yes, Now, I have disabled the ORCID plugin and things are back to normal. At last authors are notified for the decisions and emails are not bouncing.

Please help to resolve this issue of ORCID Plugin.
Thanks and Regards

Hi @seisense,

I tried to reproduce the error in our test instanace, but couldn’t find it.

Do you remember what the settings where for the ORCID Profile plugin, while you had it enabled?
And which step in the Submission process was not sending e-mail?


Nils Stefan Weiher

I also had an issue - it appears that OJS is not set up to test with sandbox ORCID iDs. I was testing the ORCID plugin using ORCID sandbox API credentials, and connected my sandbox ORCID iD. The OJS journal shows up as a “trusted organization” in the account settings of my sandbox ORCID record, however, the ORCID iD listed for me in OJS is listed as a real ORCID iD, not a sandbox ORCID iD, so it’s linking to the wrong ORCID record. for example: my sandbox ORCID iD is this: https://sandbox.orcid.org/0000-0003-3174-3686 but it is showing up in OJS as https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3174-3686 (no sandbox in the URL). This is a problem for people trying to test the plugin using sandbox API credentials and sandbox ORCID iD. Thus, I was not able to test the functionality of writing publication information to the sandbox ORCID record, because OJS is expecting a real ORCID iD, not a sandbox ORCID iD. Is there a work-around for this, or can PKP please allow for sandbox ORCID iDs to be used so that people can test the plugin functionality before going to production?

Also, in this same test, the administrator sent me an email to connect my ORCID iD with a specific publication submission. When I clicked on the link from the email to connect my ORCID iD, I received the error, captured in the screen shot below. The Auth URL from the email was this:
https://sandbox.orcid.org/oauth/authorize?client_id=APP-KGH8CN192BSXBEFB&response_type=code&scope=%2Factivities%2Fupdate&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fjournals.uwyo.edu%2Findex.php%2Fela%2Forcidapi%2ForcidVerify%3Ftoken%3D59cdb066d895d0e2260d1cd60b8f7175%26articleId%3D5263 – is this because I had already connected my ORCID with my profile? The authorization link is pointing to the sandbox but the auth code returned is not being successfully exchanged, but I can’t tell why.

It seems like OJS is not set up to work with sandbox ORCID iDs? Also, I would have thought that since I already connected my sandbox ORCID iD with my OJS author profile, that information would propagate across the system?

Hi all,

See https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/4893 for the issue entry filed regarding sandbox IDs.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team