Orcid Plugin Link has site link in it

Describe the issue or problem
Whenever our journal manager send email with orcid plugin link. the link is like below:


however that’s not the case in other sites with orcid. they just have orcid link in email.

is there a setting where we need to remove something however i didn’t find anything in plugin setting.

Steps I took leading up to the issue
not sure where to look for this issue

What application are you using?

Hi @deepakc,

Would you mind indicating which version of the ORCID plugin you’re using as well?

PKP Team

hi @rcgillis thanks for your reply.
i just updated ORCID plugin and still getting same issue.

I have the latest version : v1.1.3.6


Hi @deepakc,

Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure what could be happening here, but @Dulip_Withanage - would you know what is happening here?

PKP Team

Hi @deepakc , As I remember this comes from an older tiny-mce issue.

Which version of OJS do you have?


hi @Dulip_Withanage
ojs version is

hi @Dulip_Withanage @rcgillis
everything is good now. It took some time after we upgraded to latest version of the plugin but now it is working.