ORCID Plugin Contributors

When I add a contributor to a submission who has their ORCID iD already connected in their profile via the ORCID plugin, there is only the option to request authorization again via e-mail (see image below).
Is this behaviour intended?
I would expect that no additional authorization is necessary since the ORCID iD and access token are already stored for that user.

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-13
ORCID Plugin (v1.1.3.7) with member sandbox settings

Additional information

@Dulip_Withanage: are you able to speak to this?

Co-authors are separate from users in the ojs. If the authors is a OJS user and have orcId authenticated and submit as an “author”, your orcid should be import correctly.

@Dulip_Withanage, thank you!
Just to make sure I understand correctly: only for the author who actually submits the article, the orcid id will be imported. But every co-author has to authenticate again independent of whether they are OJS users with an authenticated orcid or not.
Is that correct?

yes, exactly