ORCID id cannot display in the article detail page

Author has already linked his ojs account with ORCID id by editing the profile. But at the contributor page/article detail page, ORCID id doesn’ display.

Since the author cannot receive the email requesting the ORCID id authentication, the only way to link the ORCID id is to ask author to edit the profile.

Author has successful added the ORCID id on ojs, but the system still ask for an authentication process. How can we fix this?

We are using OJS and ORCID plugin.

Thank you in advance for your attention and comments.

If the orcid authentication happened properly, then you will see the orcid ID and a green orchid icon in the contributor modal.
From screenshot, I think it has not yet happened for your co-author.

To check whether orcid plug-in is configured properly, go to settings of the plug-in and check the log to all , and you can see the communication between the API and OJS in orcid.log under OJS files folder