ORCID icon problem


I have the following problem:

I use the OJS 3.2.1 with health science.
How can I solve this?

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I have also seen this happen with the latest version of the ORCID plugin on OJS using the health science theme. It happens when the author has authenticated their ORCID after getting sent an email through the article’s metadata page - it doesn’t happen when the author has authenticated their ORCID in their user profile.

The work-around I have used for now is to delete the ORCID authentication token from within the article’s metadata, disable the ORCID plugin and then manually enter the ORCID into the metadata. If you then re-enable the ORCID plugin, other users can authenticate their ORCIDs, but you don’t get the double icon.

Did your authors authenticate their ORCID in their user profile prior to submitting or did they authenticate their ORCID after receiving an email request?

Hi @Gokmen_ARSLAN and @shaun

This issue will be taken in the following ticket. Please subscribe to the following ticket to get notifications on this issue.

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