Orcid field unavailable at author metadata pages

Hello everyonew,

We’v updated our Portal to OJS the and now the editors can’t include or alter the Orcid info of the authors because the field is unavailable. That’s what it shows now

Could someone enlighten me about what is causing this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @thaysecantanhede,

Can you check that the ORCiD plugin is enabled and configured properly? Maybe that is the problem…

Best regards, Primož

I guess it is. To be honest I haven’t changed anything on it, since we just updated the version. Here’s the screen, seems ok![image|690x388]image

Thanks a lot.


Same problem. Open Journal Systems don`t have this field. For old, archived issues cannot add authors ORCID. I hope that we will have soon fixed this problem.