ORCID authorization failure

We are using OjS Realize that we have to upgrade and are working on it. The site hosts multiple journals.
So, far i’ve encountered two instances where the ORCID authorization process has stalled. Here’s the message one author is receiving during the publication process


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Hi @ikehoe,

You’ve probably already seen this similar thread – not sure it’s any help, but linking it here anyway just for completeness’ sake.

@Dulip_Withanage is our expert on all things ORCiD, so I’ll tag him here.

Meanwhile, I’d suggest checking your log file for a message that appeared at the time the user received that message. There should be a message there that indicates more detail about the problem. For OJS 3.1.2, the ORCiD plugin kept its own log file called “orcid.log” in the files directory of the installation.

We technically don’t support OJS 3.1.x, and are shortly going to drop support for 3.2.x as well, so I do suggest prioritizing an upgrade to 3.3.0 LTS! LTS is Long-Term Support, a new release strategy we introduced last year to suit organizations that didn’t want to plan regular upgrades. More details about that here. And I promise, once you get to 3.3.0 or newer, upgrades will become a lot easier.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @ikehoe ,

This error explains that there was an error in the authentication process or that the user tried to authenticate twice.

In previous versions of the plugin, this was a generic message, so it is not very clear to the user what exactly happened. In newer versions, I have refined the messages to provide more detail.

I would also recommend upgrading to OJS 3.3 if possible, as we have orcid API v3 support and reviewer credits from 3.3