Options of charts displays of usage statistics plugin

We are using OJS 3.1.1
We are displaying chart of usage statistics plugin.

It shows only the sum of all files downloads like this:

In the article of PKP Sprint 2016: Article-Level Metrics

They show a visualization of the OMP usage statistics which is a bit different with the possibility to show either sum of all files downloads or each file HTML, PDF, EPUB separately:

And I also saw an other version in openjournalsystems.com website but which is not for free:

  • Shows graphs for both abstract views and PDF downloads
  • Has the option for a multiple-year graphical presentation

We are interested at least in the 2nd one of the OMP usage statistics with the possibility to show either sum of all files downloads or each file HTML, PDF, EPUB separately.
And we would be of course very interested to have a free version to something like the 3rd one with graphs for both abstract views and PDF downloads. We already have this discussion for abstract views in this post

I understand this will not be your priority now, but do you think we can be able to have charts like that in the near future ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Kind regards.

Hi @hcl

For now we decided to only present the total download numbers in the graph. We will work more on statistics in general and this/your wish/requirement might be considered. I will tag @NateWr and @jmacgreg here as well.
Also, an Article Level Metrics plugin is coming that will have another visualization.

openjournalsystems.com is a commercial company, that has nothing to do with PKP.

For now you could maybe make the changes you need by yourself?


Hi all,

See also PKP Position on Online Harassment for a statement about that company.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thanks @asmecher for the link to this article which is pretty clear. I didn’t know about all that. I understand that PKP is not associated in any way with openjournalsystems dot com.

@bozana suggested me to make some changes ourself.

Can we have access somewhere to the source code of the visualization of the OMP usage statistics referred In the article of PKP Sprint 2016: Article-Level Metrics 2 ?

Thanks again for your answer.
Best regards

Hi Alec and Helene,

I’m not sure that the constant referrals to the earlier disagreement between PKP and openjournalsystems dot com is helpful. Both PKP and openjournalsystems dot com are competing to host journals and it is my understanding that organisations wishing to host Journals must pay, whether it is PKP or openjournalsystems dot com.

The difference is that PKP is also providing OJS and doing the work behind the software. Everyone appreciates what OJS is and what PKP are doing.

When I looked for a company that could host my Journals, provide backups and provide customisation services at a reasonable cost I thought openjournalsystems dot com looked like value for money and I have been impressed with their support and readiness to help - especially when OJS bugs force us to revert to an earlier version of OJS after an upgrade whilst the bugs are resolved.

Personally, I think it is time that PKP stop the negativity about openjournalsystems dot com. Every hosting organisation is subject to competition, and competition is good for consumers.

We’re all struggling with the bugs in OJS and I’ve asked openjournalsystems dot com on several occasions to help fix bugs - the problem is that the relationship is toxic and the bug fixes are not being fed back into the OJS code base as would be expected in a normal situation.

I would like to see PKP work with any organisation that provides hosting to leverage the relationships and build a collaborative environment. But PKP sees the development of OJS almost as a “right” to be the only hosting provider - or this is how it appears to me.

openjournalsystems dot com has developed some graphs and other tools for the Journals that it is hosting. We paid for customised themes and we like the result (there are always small things that could be better). We trialed the graphs and paid for them. We’re getting other customisations done as well. I would expect a hosting provider to be looking to offer customisations as a way to build their business.

It would be great to see PKP work with other hosting companies, this would help us all. Fixing the bugs in OJS and providing the missing basic features is vital, so hosting companies like openjournalsystems dot com can help.

Mark Gregory
http://ajtde.telsoc.org/ and https://www.ijicta.org/

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Hi Mark,

I’ll send you a private message about this.

But a quick correction: OJS is free software, and the vast majority of our user community hosts their own (either on their institutional servers, or on third-party service provider accounts). PKP Publishing Services does offer OJS hosting as a paid service, and it’s an important part of the revenue stream that allows us to keep developing the software, but the number of journals we host that way is dwarfed by number of journals that find their own hosting.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @hcl

Unfortunately we do not have it in original any more :frowning: Part of that code is still in the plugin, e.g. https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/blob/master/plugins/generic/usageStats/js/UsageStatsGraphHandler.js, https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/blob/master/plugins/generic/usageStats/templates/outputBackend.tpl and https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/blob/master/plugins/generic/usageStats/PKPUsageStatsPlugin.inc.php#L469, but they are not working as they are because the rest changed in the meantime.