Option to indicate verified reviewer in OJS3+

Dear Team;
I would like to request an option in the OJS to indicate the verified reviewer either by check mark or by the text “verified”. The editor should be able to indicate a reviewer as verified and editor/section editor should be able to view verified mark/tag (on top row of reviewer list) while selecting reviewer for invitation in a submission.

Currently, there is an option to add an editorial note in the profile of each user where we used to add verification note however while selecting the reviewer this note is not visible on the top row, we need to click on expand arrow for each user to see if the listed reviewer is trusted one or not.

Usecase: Normally, we allow anyone to register as reviewer with their reviewing interest (and even if not allowed we are not very sure about the expertise that user while enrolling by the editor). And all those enrolled reviewers appears while selecting reviewer, in this sitiuation we require extra check of verifying reviewers by editor for their expertise before inviting. And even this checkmark can be extended to next level by putting all enrolled reviewer in a quue for verification by journal editor (with notification to the editor for new reviewer enrollment) and prevent showing unverified reviewers in the reviewer list (while selecting review invitation for an article) until the journal editor put verification checkmark.


Hi @aabahishti,

Thank you for your request. Interesting idea. I’m not sure how easily this could be implemented - so I will ask @NateWr to comment on this and suggest some next steps.

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Public Knowledge Project Team

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