OPS3.3.0.8 Email of "Preprint Posted Acknowledgement" is not send

Dear all,

I am using with OPS
The “Email Templates” column in “Workflow Settings” says as follows, but the email is not actually sent.
No error is printed on the screen or in the server logs.

“This email, when enabled, is automatically sent to an author when the preprint is posted online on the server.”

I can’t figure out the cause. Is this feature currently disabled?

By the way, the “Submission Acknowledgement” email has been sent without any problems.


Dear all,

I have an update on this matter and am posting it now.
In order to handle errors related to crossrefDeposit, I implemented error handling using the crossrefDeposit plugin. Specifically, when a deposit error occurred, I decided to send an alert email to the administrator and subsequently return “return false;” to the OPS core. As a result, the actual email (“Preprint Posted Acknowledgment”), which had not been dispatched before, began to be sent. “Up until now, “return true;” had been returned regardless of the outcome of the deposit.”
So, I would like to confirm this, but according to the original OPS specifications, isn’t it true that an email is send only when “return true;”?

Thank you for your confirmation.

Upon further investigation, I found that in ops-3.3.0-14, “CrossrefDepositPlugin.inc.php” has been changed to “return false;”. And the “exportAndDeposit” method of “CrossrefExportPlugin.php” in ops-3.4.0-3 has been changed as follows.

        // Prepare response message and return status
        if (empty($resultErrors)) {
            if ($errorsOccurred) {
                $responseMessage = 'plugins.importexport.crossref.register.error.mdsError';
                return false;
            } else {
                $responseMessage = $this->getDepositSuccessNotificationMessageKey();
                return true;
        } else {
            $responseMessage = 'api.dois.400.depositFailed';
            return false;

So, I think it is clear that up to ops-3.3.0-13, an email will not be sent with the return value “return true;” and an email will be sent with the return value “return false;”.