OpenAire and Quicksubmit

We are using OJS 2.4.7 at our server:
We would like to activate the OpenAire plugin for all our Journals.
We did that for one of our journals:
When the plugin is activated, the OpenAire metadata field can be seen in the ordinary submission process and in the metadata regarding the individual articles. But I can find the field if I use the Quick Submit plugin. Is it possible to get that written into the Quicksubmit. Many of our 60 journals use that as their favorite upload tool. And by adding the OpenAire field to Quicksubmit I would save them some time.

Best Jesper

Hi @thestrup,

This could be done either by extending the OpenAire plugin to interact with the QuickSubmit plugin, or by hacking the fields you want into the QuickSubmit plugin directly. The former approach is better, as it respects the QuickSubmit plugin’s separation from the OpenAire plugin, but might be tricky because it’s hard for plugins to alter each others’ behavior.

Unfortunately both QuickSubmit and OpenAire are niches so it’s not a high priority for us, but if you give it a try and get stuck, I can provide some guidance.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Alec
Thank you for the quick reply. We will have to look into that. It is interesting to learn about the relationship between the different plugins.