Open Harvester System ohs

The parameter in displayEditform($formActionUrl) function in is the one to which the email form is submitted.

In the file , we have the code snippet

$email → displayEditform(Request::url(null,null,‘email’);

In the above, for the first null value , the $formActionurl takes the value


To print the value submitted to the above formActionurl , when i give the value as follows:
$email → displayEditform(Request::url(processform.php,null,‘email’);

and the code for processform.php is as follows:

Untitled Document <?php echo "
echo "
"; echo "
"; foreach($_POST as $field => $value) { echo "$field = $value
\n"; } ?>

I am not able to print the value of the fields of the form submitted,

What would be the name given to the first parameter in place of null, should it be a page name in smarty template ?