ONIX Import/Export error string

The error message for when a press doesn’t have sufficient information for an ONIX export is outdated.

I posted a fix here: Fix english error message for ONIX Import/Export · ubbdst/omp@1a38f88 · GitHub
(don’t think I can create a pull request based on an isolated commit)

Thanks for the report.

To create a pull request, first create a new branch which is based of PKP’s master branch. This is known as a “feature branch”. Then you can add the commit you want to pull (for example, you can cherry-pick it from your master). You can then create the PR from your feature branch to PKP’s master.

The command line to create your feature branch could look something like this (but you can also use a graphical tool):

git remote add pkp https://github.com/pkp/omp
git checkout -b fix-onix-error-message pkp/master
git cherry-pick 1a38f8844665480a10041f6ecf2d4dae6612bec0
git push origin fix-onix-error-message

Tag @mtub, so our translators can be aware of the fix.

@ctgraham Ok thanks!