One OJS two domains

Hello, we have one OJS with one journal.

This site have two URL’s.

When people inside “VPN” visit they are redirected to We can’t change this.

base_url is

Then, when you are into VPN on, there are things that don’t work, login for example.

Can we have one OJS with two URLs? relative path on base_url, perhaps?

Thank you.

As far as I know is not possible to do what you want to do.

OJS is able to answer to different domains, but one of them need to be the primary because all urls will be replaced by the base_url domain.

To make it clear, if you set your base_url to “”, OJS will use this domain everywhere (nevermind where your entrypoint) and in the intranet, the ojs domain will still be “”.

But sorry to ask but… why are you doing this? :sweat_smile:
I mean, looks like you are trying to solve in OJS a problem that is related with your network.

Easier solution would be open in the intranet segment.


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