One-click reviewer access requires login?


We’ve been using OJS for a few years now, but we’ve always had the reviewers register, log in and go through the whole process to finish their review.
However, now, we have a situation where we want to enable the one-click reviewer access.

As we understand it, this option is supposed to let the person review the article in question without even loggin in, right?

But so far, in our testing, using the link with the access_key still takes them to a log in page. What could be not working right? We’ve tested it in different browsers, cleared our cache, used private browsing, and it still redirects to the log in page.

We’re using OJS

Nevermind, I figured it out. The key is only created when you send the message, not when writing it, that’s why it didn’t work (kinda obvious haha).

If a mod could please delete this topic, thanks.

It is good the leave the message visible here, because someone else could have the same problem.