On OJS Installation Page

Trying to install OJS for first time. I fill out all the fields accepting defaults when given, press “Install Open Journal Systems” and then get the following:

Errors occurred during installation A database error has occurred: Access denied for user ‘admin’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

Did I need to manually create the MySql db, or do I need to configure it somehow? I am using AMPSS and don’t really know how to do this. Sorry if this is a dumb question.


I always create mysql database and corresponding user. if you are familiar with that you can do that and complete the fields with data and it should work properly.
DO you know mysql commands?
Are you familiar with phpmyadmin?

Fifteen years ago I did a lot of relational db programming, but not recently. I am not famililar with phpmyadmin, but can probably figure it out. Is it a mysql client app? Thanks for your reply.

Try to check in OSJ installation that OJS create database for you. Please not in one file the data you entered in. If you have difficulty ask your system admin to help you.

You can learn on phpmyadmin here:

Do you install on some server in hosting company or your institution?
Do you install OJS on your local computer?

Right now, it is on my computer. I have found the option for OJS to create the db for me, and am now making good progress. Thank you very much.