OMP Sitemap produces 404 not found pages

Hi @rcgillis ,

Recently, I added an OMP (version sitemap to Google Search Console, and I reviewed the URL indexing. A significant number of URL were not indexed due to 404 errors.
These URLs were similar to Book Detail URLs and were generated by sitemap.


I noticed that the book detail URL of the above example was actually;

I think, the OMP sitemap was generating non-existant URLs and this caused 404 not found errors on Google Search Console. Although days have passed, the book detail pages perhaps were not indexed for that reason.

By looking the code, I could fix the 404 error by replacing view by book. But I have no idea if this is a correct fix, or it will screw things up any more.
OMP Root–> Pages → sitemap → Line 36;
$root->appendChild($this->_createUrlTree($doc, $request->url($press->getPath(), 'catalog', 'view', array($submission->getBestId()))));

Can you help please?

I identified the same issue in an OMP 3.3.0-8 and reported it at: OMP Sitemap produces 404 not found pages · Issue #7360 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub