OMP resize Cover Thumbnails


I am using OMP 3.1.2-1. I tried to change Cover Thumbnails (Settings-Webside-Appearance) with changing the width and height for the thumbnails and selecting the option Resize all existing cover thumbnails. I get back error 500. I am assuming this is due to a large number of monographs (~1000) and a timeout. Can anyone help me to get a CLI php command that executes this thumbnails transformation? Or help me with further instructions how to solve the problem?

Regards, Primož


At the end it was not the problem with the number of monographs but with the error in the code:
The file controllers/tab/settings/appearance/form/" line 105 is like

$objects = $objectDao->getByPressId($context->getId());

but since getByPressId is no longer valid method it shoudl be replaced with the getByContextId:

$objects = $objectDao->getByContextId($context->getId());

@asmecher or someone that works more with the sources and github: can you please change that in the sources - it can be released with the upcoming release.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

That’s Missing getByPressId() after categories moved to pkp-lib · Issue #4926 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub – it’s already been fixed for the next release in github.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team