[OMP] Migration from OJS to OMP to create a publisher

Hello all,

Is it possible to migrate an OJS portal with 06 active journals to an OMP installation, in order to centralize all editorial processes into a single technology?
We don’t have the human resources to maintain more than one software, so we’d like to use on solution to fit all of our editorial needs.
OMP has a more “editing house”/publisher look as well as a more complex and complete editorial process, which seems to be fit for both serials and monographs alike, unless I’m mistaken.
Otherwise, we’ll upgrade to OJS 3.

Hello all,

Is it possible to move from OJS 3.x to OMP at any given time?
We are beginning our “studies” to upgrade OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x.
If we could start right off the bat with OMP, that would be “swell”…
Otherwise, we’ll continue with our planned schedule and use OJS 3 for our editing house needs.

Hi @ramon,

I think it is possible to migrate your data over to OMP, though it would take some technical work on your end. However, I’d strongly advise against doing so.

Both OJS and OMP provide metadata to third-party services (like Google Scholar) which relate specifically to journals/monographs. By running journals off of OMP you’d be providing inaccurate data for indexing and archiving services.

Both applications run off of the same software base and receive simultaneous releases. If you are running OMP successfully, you should face no issues running OJS off of the same tech stack.