OMP: DOI missing in OAI-DC


we are setting up the OAI-Interface of our OMP platform. Unfortunately the dc:identifier element for the DOI is missing within the OAI-DC records. Within the html representation of an object the DOI shows up as "meta name=“DC.Identifier.DOI” but it is not included in the OAI-DC output (as it is for OJS). Is that a common problem or do I have to configure somehow the OAI-DC fields?


Hi @matre,

The DOIs are not considered via the OAI yet – we are currently working on some improvements and will consider it too. If you need it and would like, I could take a look and send you the code you will have to insert, in order to display them via OAI…


Hi Bozana,

thanks a lot for your reply. If it would be possible (and would not cost to much of your time) to send me the necessary code changes this would be great because we are using the OAI-Interface to register automatically our DOIs at the ETH Doi-Desk (, so this would facilitate our workflow a lot


Hi Martin,

You could use this code:
$pubIdPlugins = PluginRegistry::loadCategory('pubIds', true); foreach ((array) $pubIdPlugins as $plugin) { if ($plugin->getEnabled()) { $pubId = $plugin->getPubId($publicationFormat); if ($pubId) { $dc11Description->addStatement('dc:identifier', $pubId); } } }

And add it in the class plugins/metadata/dc11/filter/, where the other identifiers are build too, e.g. on the line 149: omp/ at omp-stable-1_1_1 · pkp/omp · GitHub

I hope that helps…

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Hi Bozana,

thank you very much for your fast help. Unfortunately PluginRegistry::getAllPlugins() only returned five Plugins (pubIds/doi is not included though plugin/pubIds/doi/index.php exists). A lot more plugins show up under Administration → Website Settings → Plugins.

Finally I got it working with the following lines. It seems like the DOI-Plugin is not enabled. Do you think that might create problems because the enabled check is missing?

                $doi_plugin= PluginRegistry::loadPlugin('pubIds','doi');
                $pubId = $doi_plugin->getPubId($publicationFormat);
                    if ($pubId) {
                            $dc11Description->addStatement('dc:identifier', $pubId);


Hmmm… Interestingly the other piece of code is working for the HTML code… and for me, on my local installation… :open_mouth: But, if it works for you now, it is OK to leave it like that – it is for your own installation where the DOI plugin is/will always be enabled, right? And when working on the improvement for the next version we will double check that and then once you upgrade to that version, you will not have to take care about that code any more…


Thanks a lot again for your fast and efficient help! Not only OJS/OMP are great, but also the people working there :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

just a short footnote: the HTML Code has never been the problem. It already worked before

Thanks a lot @matre! I am very glad you like the software and us! :slight_smile: It’s good to here that :-)))

Hello! Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’m getting the same problem in our OMP, running 3.2.1-4. We only get the URL in oai_dc, even though we have the DOI plugin enabled and the DOI can be found in the html. See here:

Does anyone know what may be the problem?


Hi @mannemark,

Can you double-check your OMP version number? There is no release called 3.2.1-4 (yet).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Oops, sorry! I meant

Hi @mannemark,

just wanted to let you know, I will look into the problem and I will come back to you in the coming days.

Best wishes,

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Hi @mannemark

I have gone through your issued and most probably, you have not assigned the dois
although you have activated the plugin.

Could yor confirm me the following settings are set correctly ?

  1. That you have checked the settings in your plugin
    Screenshot from 2020-11-22 09-16-51

  2. You have really assigned DOIS to your wished components e.g. submission or publication format.
    Screenshot from 2020-11-22 09-17-21

If those are set correctly, please let me know.

And also there is another problem, that may be an issue. I would like to pinpoint it.

Could you provided me the following details.

  1. Please provide the log message when you click on the following link in your installation.

Hello Dulip,

Thank you so much for the help! It seems that the issue was the DOI plugin settings. I had set it to only be able to assign DOI to monographs and chapters, not the publication formats and files. Once I checked publication formats and files, it works. But this is quite odd, shouldn’t it work when only selecting some of the object types?

I thought I’d let you know that it works now, but I’ve also asked for the log about the testpress2753 error from my IT department, so I will get back to you on that.

Best regards,

Very sorry, I checked again, and it looks like it takes the wrong DOI. I’ve assigned DOI to monograph and chapter levels, but after I activated DOI for publication formats and files in the plugin, it uses the DOI for the publication format (which I have not even assigned) in the OAI stream.



I still have this problem with the DOI missing in the OAI DC output. The DOI only shows up when activating DOI:s for the publication format. This doesn’t work for us because we have only assigned DOIs to monographs and chapters, not for the formats.

Is it meant to be this way, or could it be a bug? It doesn’t make much sense to us to assign DOIs to publication formats. The DOI will resolve to the same page anyway, and the publication format DOI turns up at the bottom of the publication-details and is incorrectly formatted according to Crossref standards.

All the best,