OMP can't compile my new Theme

I am trying to create a new plugin theme, so i copied the default plugin theme, changed all the variables to the new theme plugin name and now I can’t figure out why the changes I made at index.less aren’t working.

My cache only shows: compiled-defaultthemeplugin.css
It is like it can’t compile the new theme plugin.

Could anyone help?

Hi Paulo,

Did you tried cleaning your cached css file? If you want the system to compile your .less files, you need to clean the cached css ones. Let me know if it works.


Hi! Thank you for your answer.

Yes I did tried to delete the cache.
It works, but without my changes and the NAV-MENU do not appears styled.

I suspect that the system is not compiling the less of the new plugin theme.

Hi Paulo,

The lessphp is used to compile the less files. Can you look at your php error log file for any error that might be related with the parsing process?