OMP advanced search and Authors A-Z List

The OMP would be perfect if it only had a list of authors of type A to Z, and an advanced search.
Is there any plugin that can help? Where can these new features be suggested?


Thanks @dagosalas! This is the right place to suggest features. An author index has long been on our list of things we’d like to provide, but we haven’t been able to prioritize it.

In terms of the advanced search, what kinds of search parameters would you like to see?

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Hi @NateWr,
I think the list of authors should have a high priority. It should be a list that shows your bio (with photo) and related monographs. This would be a very good plus.

About the advanced search, it would be wonderful if you could limit the searches by categories or series, searching or listing by year could be good, by keyword or subject (although perhaps not many publishers do not fill that information).


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