[OMP] Publishing is very slow


I’m using OMP I’ve getting problems with the publication process, that is so slow, taking more than 5 minutes.

Enabling the database debug option to debug just one monograph publication, I found:

1.423.579 times “INSERT INTO submission_search_object_keywords”
1.423.579 times “SELECT keyword_id FROM submission_search_keyword_list”

I think that is because I have large publication files of my monographs.

In this publication, I have:

1 PDF file 17.3MB
1 EPUB file 43.2MB
1 HTML file 152MB

The upload process is going smoothly despite the size of the files. The problem is in the publishing process, that is too slow.

I have only 11 monographs published and this is the size of my keyword tables:

[submission_search_object_keywords] - 139MB
[submission_search_keyword_list] - 56.5MB

My doubt is. Have a way to disable the files metadata mapping proccess on OMP? I think would be a way to bypass this.