OMP New Releases and Featured not working?



Hi, I’m new to OMP. When I add a new monograph, I select Featured and New Release under the catalogue option but nothing happens, no featured titles and nothing under new releases. I have selected the ‘homepage content’ options under website settings. image

This worked a couple of weeks ago on a test press, but since I added two more presses it has stopped. I wondering if this is a known bug/ any quick fixes/ I haven’t clicked something?



HI, I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this. I’ve also selected this on the catalog page as well (in case anyone asks).


I was wondering if there’s a guide/ manual of OMP 3? I notice this asked here Who has a Guide or Manual for OMP but I still can’t seem to find it (I was hoping to solve the above issue)


Hi @Tuwpub,

Are the published books appearing on your site in the Catalog, but just not in the Spotlight or Featured Books sections? Can you please provide a link to your site?

A guide for OMP 3 is currently being developed. If you would like to help with this project, please let me know. In the meantime, the only resources available are the in-context help in the software and previous questions on this forum.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi Amanda

We are testing/playing around with OMP in Dev so I can’t share it beyond our network however I can add some screen shots. There are three titles, all of them are marked as new releases and featured. Spotlight is working but the new releases aren’t showing and featured has disappeared

The catalogue is fine

All options are selected here

I would love to be able to contribute to the OMP guide/ manual. Currently I’m trying to teach myself using the demo and making my own press.


Hi @Tuwpub,

Thanks for the screenshots. It appears that you have configured everything correctly. Can you check your error log?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi Amanda, I have messaged you the error log as it is quite long.