OMP Usage Stats plugin issue

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  1. There is an issue with usageStats plugin.
    The plugin is sitePlugin. In that case it doesnt update the log files regarding the user’s history on presses and monographs.
    As soon as I set the sitePlugin equals to false, I can enable the plugin for each press and in that case and only works properly and updates the log files accodring to user’s choices.
    Was it supposed to be like that?

  2. The download metric counts even if the user does not download the pdf but only choose to view it using the pdfViewer.
    So if the user presses to view the pdf and after press the button to download it, this will count as downloads but it is not actually 2 downloads, it is 1 view and 1 download. Is it supposed to be like that?
    Also to mention that when the user chooses to download the pdf from the iframe of pdfviewer it doesnt count at all as download.
    Looking forward to hear some feedback from you.
    Thank you in advance.

Hi @Dimitris_Sioulas,

  1. I believe some things changed since, but in general it was meant to be so: the plugin is sitePlugin, so that only admin can set it up fully and enable/disable it. The journal/press managers are then able to do further settings (e.g. statistics display) and enable/disable on the journal/press level. But statistics created are always on the journal/press level.
    So I am not sure what is/was the problem in Was the plugin enabled and set up by admin and then also enabled for presses? When done so, did it collect the statistics?

  2. Yes, viewing the PDF in the pdfViewer is as downloading it. It is meant to be like that. Only the usage of the full document/file counts. Whereby the double clicks for the same document/file are considered i.e. removed.
    What exactly do you mean to download it from the iframe of pdfviewer?


  1. Please check the screenshot. You will notice 2 different download buttons. The second one is related to pdfviewer which open the pdf file as an iframe and adds an extra download button which doesnt count on the metrics.Capture

Hi @Dimitris_Sioulas

Ah, yes, this button does not make a server request – it seems to be on the client side (using the file from the browser temp folder ? :thinking:) – so the action is not logged on the server side. We will try to disable/hide that button in the future, to provide consistent counting.

To explain it a little bit more:
The current usage stats plugin implements the COUNTER Release 4 rules. Some platforms provide for example first an HTML view and there the PDF download, which is counted twice. This is similar to how OJS/OMP handles the PDFs.
The COUNTER Release 5 differentiate between total counts and unique requests per user session. In the case described here the total count would be 2 and unique request count would be 1. We still need to implement the R5.


Thank you so much for your assistance @bozana