OMP 1.2 - Borderless layout


I would suggest a borderless layout.

Today layout:

Borderless layout:

Borderless layout looks cleaner.

Thank you,

Tarcisio Pereira

Hi Tarcisio,

The next version of OMP will include a child theming API that will make it easy for you to create custom child themes which selectively override small bits of a parent theme. You can learn a little bit about this here:

In the meantime, you can override this yourself by editing just one file in your OMP installation. Open the plugins/themes/default/styles/variables.less file and edit line 35:

Change @bg-shade; to transparent; and it should hide all of those borders for you. You’ll need to clear the cached CSS file to ensure it’s regenerated.

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Hi @NateWr

Sorry about delay, vacations time.
Thank you a lot.

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Tarcisio Pereira