Old archive submissiom

We run a new version of OJS 3.3 as we have outdated version 2.4.3 and which is no longer supported.

We need to upload the previous archive of 10 issues on a new website. We tried to export xml files and rewrote the script to make it compatible with the new version. But it did not work. We can manually submit each article through passing all the stages of material application and this is time consuming

Could you please suggest other options of archive submission on a new OJS?


  1. You can update the old version (2.4.3 ) to version (Best option)
  2. If the first option is not possible, you can upload the articles via QuickSubmitPlugin (Yes, this is time consuming).

We tried the first option. Unfortunely, did not work. Thanks

If you share what kind of problem you are having during the update, we will try to help you.

Where is the problem? What you received as error or what? Try to update one by one stage in OJS, not immideatelly to

We tried to update step by step, it did not work. It is quite difficult to update version 2.4

I tried to install QuickSubmitPlugin. It says 'The tar command is not available. Please correctly configure it in your “config.inc.php”.
I replaced in config.inc.php tar = /bin/tar with:
tar = C:\\Windows\\System32\\tar.exe
still the same problem
What should I do?

Upload the QuckSubmitPlugin via cPanel, using FileManager or FileZilla. You must be sure that you cannot use any version of this plugin. If it is not compatible with version of OJS it will not worked.