OJS3: User Roles


Here are some notes on Roles.

  1. When I try to edit a role (press “Edit”), the fields “Role Name” and “Abbreviation” appear to be blank, so I have to type them again.
  2. There is an option “Show role title in contributor list”. But it affects only those author names shown in the list of articles. The role title is not displayed on the article page, which would be more important.
    E.g., I can see this author as a Translator in the article list, but on the article page he is listed as an ordinary author. That is not correct. The translator’s role of an author is also usually defined in bibliography.
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Hi!, I’m having the same trouble when I try to see the role title on the article page (on OJS 3.1). An author who is marked as Translator is listed there as an ordinary author. Also, the citation generator lists him as co-author, not traslator…so the citation is wrong. Did you have any luck solving this?

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Hi! Nope, we could not solve this unfortunately.

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this issue is being addressed in the following feature request: