OJS3: uploading submission files in multilingual installations: does the file name have to be localized?


Tagging @NateWr here.

I noticed a problem when uploading submission files to multilingual journals.

After uploading a file you get to step 2 where you see the name the system has given to the file.

In this case the Finnish locale is selected (I will pr the whole locale soon) and you see the file name as expected.

However the Continue button (Jatka) is disabled, so you are basically stuck. For a long time I thought that the system has crashed but a couple of days ago I realized that this happens, if an user is submitting a manuscript and is using some other locale than the primary locale in the UI.

Basically the user should realize here that they should push the edit button and enter a file name to the English (primary) locale field as well:

This is of course way too difficult and complicated.

My question:

Why should the filename be localised at all?
And if it should be localised, could it be prefilled to all available locales using the same name so that users do not get stuck this way.

Good question! Alec may have a better reason but sometimes it’s just an oversight. Can you file an issue on GitHub and we’ll get this worked out?

Thank @NateWr

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Hi @asmecher, @bozana, @ajnyga and @NateWr,

i am having EXACTLY the same issue as reported by @ajnyga
I am running OJS 3.0.2 (upgraded from 2.4.7 in early July 2017 with the 3.0.2 .tar.gz package available from PKP website) with French (fr_FR) as primary and English (en_US) as secondary language (actually, I also had fr_CA initially, but deactivated now although it still appears on the language settings screen).
Both languages have all functions activated (UI, submissions, forms), since we have both French and English readers, editors and authors.
The journal accepts submissions in either English OR French, and submitting in both languages is NOT required.
I have tried to read through https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/2114, but it is a bit too long and complicated for my skills.
My question here is: what’s the solution to this issue, if any?
Are they any clear and strait-forward instructions I could follow?
Can you confirm I have to check/change the 10 files indicated here: pkp/pkp-lib#2114 submodule update ##bozana/2114-stable## by bozana · Pull Request #1290 · pkp/ojs · GitHub AND 1 files here: Merge pull request #9 from bozana/2114-fix · pkp/quickSubmit@70d039e · GitHub

By the way, I am also experiencing the same issue exposed here: Submission track names of files - #30 by knjigor and got lost too in trying to figure out how to fix it.

It is a bit odd that I upgraded from the PKP website’s package AFTER the two mentioned issues were reported and apparently solved on Github. Could it be that the package I downloaded is not in line with the one available on Github?
In any case, where could I start solving at least one of these two issues?

Thank you.


Hi Axel,

The fix for this issue has gone into the development branch and will be part of the OJS 3.1 release when that goes out.

Thank you @NateWr,

I have just finished testing the modifications proposed here (10 files) on my OJS 3.0.2 installation (upgraded from 2.4.7 with tar.gz package downloaded from PKPP website): pkp/pkp-lib#2114 submodule update ##bozana/2114-stable## by bozana · Pull Request #1290 · pkp/ojs · GitHub
It does make the trick.
Thank you.


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Hi @NateWr, @bozana, @ajnyga and @asmecher,
After having some screenshots and writing a page full of text with my halfway English, the forum suggested me this page, and I exactly have the same issue. I have the same question, and request. So I will try to apply the patch.
Thanks again.
Ugur Kocak

After applying the patches, it worked. Thanks much.
Ugur Kocak

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