OJS3 upgrade: multiple issues with ongoing reviews


Our site upgraded from OJS2.4.8.1 to OJS3.0.1.

There are at least two issues our journals are seeing with the ongoing reviews.

  1. All the “Files To Be Reviewed” are unselected in all ongoing reviews. The file is there if I edit an active assignment, but it is not selected to be viewed to the reviewer.

  2. All the “Reviewer files” that the reviewers have sent are missing from the grid. (probably a similar issue as with the missing revisions)

  3. All cancelled reviews are listed with “Review submitted” stage.
    This happens probably because in OJS3 cancelled reviews are deleted from the review_assignments table. However, in OJS2 these only get field cancelled set to 1. Probably the upgrade script should delete these from the table? Are all review_assignments with cancelled set to 1 safe to delete?

  4. All reviews that are active are marked as Overdue
    This is because in review_assignments the date_response_due is not set at all for the reviews initiated in OJS2 so OJS3 is thinking that all of these responses are late

Any ideas how to fix this automatically for 45 journals and circa 200 ongoing reviews?

Reported here: