OJS3 upgrade from 2.4.8, database problem?

The upgrade went without major problems, ojs3 runs with php 7.

After upgrade, no article data and no user information is available.
After copying data from table article_files to submission_files and
from articles to submissions (with sql), some basic information is available,
but not the pdf files. Also, to have user information, I have to fill up the table
user_groups ‘by hand’.

Should I try to copy more tables to get closer to the the new database layout or is it worth to investigate the upgrade procedure in more detail ? Any suggestions ?

Hi @Cloud8,

It sounds to me like the upgrade didn’t complete fully. Did you run the upgrade using the web-based process, or the command-line one? Both should give you an indication that the upgrade was successful, and the command-line tool will provide more details along the way. Restore from backup, try the command-line upgrade tool to upgrade again, and post the output here.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,

Thanks for your support - And yes, you are right, the problem was an incomplete upgrade. That was my fault, the database backup was corrupted. I corrected that this morning and the upgrade now works as expected !

thanks again,