OJS3: Ordering of articles and sections in an issue

We are currently migrating an existing journal that should be continued in OJS3. The import of articles and volumes via the native XML-import is already working. The journal uses several sections e.g. article, peer-reviewed article, book reviews, comments. The journal published these articles online as soon as they were ready and they used a consectutive page numbering like in a printed journal.

Here is an example:
. Article 1 was published 01/01/2015, pages 1-10

  • Book review 1 was publishes 02/01/2015, pages 11-15
  • Article 2 was published 03/01/2016, pages 16-25…

After importing the journal to OJS3 an issue looks like this:

The volume is sorted on the sections-level first. I tried a manual reordering in the issue management. It is possible the change the order of whole sections and the order of articles in a given section. In this case the desired ordering would be the page numer or the publication date. But this would require to have e.g. a book review frist, then an article, then another book review and so on.

Is it possible the change this ordering in this way? Is Add support for custom issue ordering · Issue #1951 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub already a solution for our problem?

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Hi @florianruckelshausen

No, this is not possible – the TOC is first structured around sections, and second around articles. Thus the only way to have them ordered as you would like is maybe not to use different sections i.e. to put all articles in one section and then order them as wished.
The issue you mentioned is also not the solution to your problem – it just enables reordering of back issues.


Well, in my case it also would be very useful to organize articles by publishing date or page number, not by sections. Because we also publish papers as soon as they processed. In the same time we must use different sections, e.g. research articles, short communications, reviews etc., because these papers are really different content.

Will this possible in next updates of OJS 3?

If this will not possible, maybe it will be possible to organize in some way an “early view” opportunity on the base of OJS 3?


There are plans to implement a “continuous publishing model”. Some of our journals are also interested to publish single articles before publishing them inside an issue.

The discussion is here:

I will probably try to implement something similar via a plugin in January because I have promised our journals to try to solve this. But if and when PKP starts to implement what is discussed in issue 1407, we will of course abandon the plugin I am planning. If I get a plugin working, I will post the results here.

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I am also facing the same issue. I have upgraded to OJS I want the articles to be listed according to their page numbers and not grouped by the sections. This will help in publishing articles as soon as they get accepted. Any updates/solution to this problem?


There is a function available for ordering articles within a Issue for 3.x.x.
Steps 1 : Log in to the dashboard
Step 2: Click issues and (in my case) select Back issue (because I have already Published it)
Step 3: Select the issue you want to organise its articles
Step 4: Under the Table of Contents Tab, look for a link labelled ‘Order’ and click it. Items will automatically have small up and down pointing pointers
Step 5: Click the article and drag it to correct place
Step 6: Once done click save. to save the new article order

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Thanks! You opened my eyes to something simple that I should have instantly remembered. Sometimes the solution is too close, you just don’t look carefully.