OJS3 : Journal Editor with recommand only and Section Editor

Hi all,

I try to have this organization of roles:

  • main editor act as a Journal Manager : he can see and act on all submissions,
  • one editorial team which members can see all of submissions but can’t act on those
  • and section editors, who are assigned by Journal Editor can act on their submissions.

I tried this : first role is Journal Editor : it’s ok
second role : Editorial Team (Permission Level : Journal Manager like Journal Editor) with recommend only option : ok
and third role, Section Editor

But when members of editorial team are also section editors, there is a problem: even you are not assigned to the submission you can act on.

Thank you
PS : we are using ojs stable 3.1

Hi @kara28

Hmmm… yes, you are right, that is strange… I’ll take a look…


Hi @kara28

Here is the GitHub Issue: recommendOnly editor and section editor · Issue #3359 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. The patch is coming…


Hi @bozana
Thank you for resolving this issue