OJS3 Font size Block and Custom Block in multijournal site homepage


In a multijournal site with OJS3 (3.0.2), is it possible in the homepage to use Font Size Block and create a Custom Block?
When I want to add it I can not find the Font Size Block and there is no possibility to add a Custom Block.
In every journal I have no problem, only in the home page.


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Hi @andres.segovia,

I don’t believe the font size block is available in OJS 3.0.2. Are you seeing it somewhere?

Site-wide custom blocks aren’t currently supported, but this is filed for a future release: Permit site-wide custom blocks · Issue #18 · pkp/customBlockManager · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec.
I do not see the block, no problem.
I think the custom block can be very useful on the home page.