OJS3 Crossref register - Select all button gone in OJS 3

Hello, this is for OJS

When exporting Crossref data, OJS2.4.8.x had a button at the top of the document list page that selected everything on that page. That function has vanished in OJS3. In our case we need to reregister over 500 documents that were pointed to a document delivery service via the DOI. Now, we have to hand select them. Additionally, once we go over some number, we get errors when the data is sent to crossref.


  1. Add back in the 'Select All" check box when selecting articles to sent to cross ref.
  2. Check the limits of the number of documents that can be registered.
  3. Give us the location of error files that are generate by the crossref export tool.

Thank you!

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This may be related to this link on the Crossref forum but I did not see an error on the time stamp as mentioned in the Timestamp Section #1


I think this is related to the number of DOIs we are submitting. 36 DOIs work ~200 and it fails. Can someone with access to the code check to see if it bails at some high loop count?

Further to this issue, I think the crossref plugin uses a different method to submit the doi info as I don’t see submission details in the crossref submission queues.