[OJS3] back button in new submission wizard's tab

I’ve found that if an author, while compiling the wizard for a new submission, clicks on the back browser button, he doens’t go to the previous tab, but he returns to the first tab and looses all the data.

Is it normal? For us is a big bug.


Hi @gregorio.pellegrino

Wizard submission doesn’t follow a navigation order as pages, but it is a tab based navigation (like tabs in Gmail interface).

Anyway, PKP team is constantly working in improvements, also the current improvements in OJS3.1 are inspired by community feedback and user experience testing with OJS. PKP team will continue to introduce refinements to help editors manage their journals just as like to authors submit their manuscripts.

Eventually we may be able to address this better by integrating tabs with the browser history, as already indicated in this issue:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @israel.cefrin !