OJS3 assign DOIs automatically when importing

I import an issue with a Native XML import plugin. In OJS2 DOIs were assigned automatically. In OJS3 the process is very time consuming - for every article I have to do:
Expand issue in Back Issues, choose Edit
Expand article and press Submission
Choose Metadata
Choose Identifiers - “Assign the DOI to this article” is already checked
Press Save
Is it possible to somehow make it faster? Or is it possible to assign DOIs from the command line?

There is an option in the DOI plugin to assign DOIs to all articles that do not have one. Have you tried that? Of course if you have article that you do not want to have a DOI, it will not work for you.

Yes, I have articles for which I don’t want to assign DOIs, but it is not a big problem probably, as I don’t have to submit them to crossref. It would be nice to have a setting in Native XML import plugin, which would allow to assign DOIs automatically when importing.

ping @bozana This has been discussed just recently.

I would not advice assigning DOIs to articles that you do not plan to register. If you assign a DOI it will show up in the article page but will not work and will lead to an error page.

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Yes, correct, this has been discussed here: improve pub id assignment · Issue #4132 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. We will probably get back to the automated pub IDs assignment, but first in the 3.2 release or so.


If DOI is displayed only when it is working and active, then it’s OK. But if it will be displayed always, then automated DOI assignment is not OK. In such case it would be nice to have a field in xml file, which would allow or disallow automated DOI assignment.

Hi @Nerijus_Baliunas

Yes, thanks! That is what we are considering, also in that discussion in GitHub: at the one side we would somehow try to display them only if active, and on the other side we would also need to consider “exclude” options everywhere.
With “a field in xml file” do you mean the OJS import XML file/format?


With “a field in xml file” do you mean the OJS import XML file/format?

Yes, for every article of course, not for whole issue (if importing multiple articles (issue) at once).