OJS3 and PlumX (and others)?


@ctgraham any plans to work on PlumX integration to OJS3? Or do you know any work done on other altmetrics services?

We do anticipate porting the PlumX integration to OJS3, but our OJS3 timeline for the bulk of our journals is still a ways out.

Among my personal interests is how we can be exposing data for alternative metrics via OJS (for example, pushing review activity up to ORCID), which is a slightly different take on “work with altmetrics services”. Of course, most folks are more interested in altmetric services for the resulting aggregation. The big aggregators at this time seem to be altmetric.com and PlumX. At the last PKP Technical Committee meeting, we did discuss how it seems there is a need within the current landscape for an open altmetric aggregation service. The PKP ALM was a start towards that, but the direction here is unclear to me.

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Thanks @ctgraham

Altmetrics is not a thing we need right know, but it will probably be among the things that we will look into next year. The biggest question here is of course the price. Open altmetric service would of course be ideal.

The ORCID integration you mentioned would be interesting, although that would require the very expensive member API. This is a good example of a situation where ORCID should really reconsider their pricing policies.