OJS3 and Multilingual Journals

Hi! I’m testing support of multilingual journals in OJS3. Here are some flaws I’ve found.

  1. The nonEnglish locale is chosen as a Primary one. Nevertheless, the English field always goes first.
    Not all fields are labeled according to their locale, so in the case of ‘Rich Edit’ fields you have to guess, which is which.
    What is most upsetting is that some options are now limited to the English version only. For example, you can upload a journal logo only for the English version of the journal.

  2. The problem with support of multilingual fields for authors’ names has been debated quite often so far. The respected developers said this problem could have been solved only in the first versions of OJS3. So I would just like to remind of it, since this is quite important for many of us.

As always, thank you for this outstanding piece of software :slight_smile:

Hi @Ph_We,

I could reproduce i.e. I see this:
– The Textareas with TinyMCE don’t show language, so that one has to guess – as you said. The other input fields are not a problem, they show the language.
– For me, the English field is not always first – the primary language is always first. Thus I couldn’t reproduce that.
– Yes, the file i.e. journal logo upload seems not to have the language option at the moment, but as a workaround one could change the UI language and then upload a logo. I will check this with UI/UX person, how is this meant to be.
– Multilingual author names fields are unfortunately not implemented yet, but on our list.

I will let you know about those issues i.e. solutions as soon as I know more i.e. as soon as they are solved.

Thanks a lot for reporting!

Hi Bozana,

Thank you very much for these hints. I should have guessed, that some UI elements are dependent on the locale :blush:
That was the logic of OJS2 UI, but since it has changed, that is not that obvious now.
I confirm I can now upload logos for both versions of the journal.

Hi @Ph_We

And I think I found the place where the English locale is always displayed first – for the submission metadata fields :slight_smile:


I cannot confirm that. But now I can see that such additional fields as ‘Language’ and ‘Keywords’ in the submission form are not labeled either.