OJS3 3.1.2. Crossref plugin does not resolve %Y, although the article has been assigned issue


I have set this pattern for the articles in the configuration of the Crossref plugin: %j.Y%.%a

This is what I get when I am publishing an article:
Assign the DOI xx.xxxxx/jhsci…263 to this article

The year is missing.
Does anyone know how can I fix this? Is this a bug?

Thanks a lot.

Anyone has idea why the year can not resolve in the DOI number?
I have properly set the DIO pattern in the configuration of the DOI plugin. The article was properly assigned to an issue.

@asmecher, any tips from you?
Thanks in advance.


Hi @dijana,

I don’t know this area of the code, but at a glance, it looks like you’ve got just Y where you should have %Y in %j.Y%.%a.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I double checked. The pattern set in my DOI plugin is %j.%Y.%a.
This should be correct.

@asmecher, can we involve someone else from the OJS team?

Kind regards,

Does the issue where the articles are published in have a publication year set?
In Issues > edit issue > Issue Data

Hi @ajnyga,
Thanks for helping me.

Yes, the issue has the date of publishing set

I am publishing articles in Ahead of print issue. Everything worked fine with DOI in my old OJS3 installation. I made a fresh installation and imported articles from old OJS3. I have set the same parameters for DOI plugin.

I have tested to specifically include year in Ahead of print issue, but that didn’t resolve the problem. Year (%Y) just does not appear in DOI number, nothing is shown instead of it.


Im having the same issue.