[OJS3.3.0-5] Error in the class assigned to the Downloads tag in the gallery

Hi, I was investigating why the word Downloads did not appear in the gallery section, then I noticed that I had a class wrong that made it hide.

*Application Version: OJS3.3.0-5
*Description of issue: Error in class of element, it has a class that does not correspond, that makes that the word Downloads in the galleys disappears.
*Steps you took leading up to the issue:
View any item, then view source code, search for class=“item galleys”, look at class assigned to h2.
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 22.59.49
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 22.59.12

*What you tried to resolve the issue :
The div with class=“item galleys” contains a h2 with class=“pkp_screen_reader”, which has to be changed to class=“label” and the Downloads label is displayed.
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 23.00.12
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 23.00.04

It may be a very small element, but it is important in the accessibility part, since a screen reader needs to “read” the elements to know the meaning of the next element.


Hi @dagosalas

Thank you for checking this issue thoroughly.

Could you please confirm the OJS theme you are using that shows this code?

Israel Cefrin
PKP Team

Hi @israel.cefrin ,
It´s Default theme.


Hi @dagosalas

Have you ran a screenreader against this page? Does it read it to you?

The class element pkp_screen_reader is used as a technique to keep the Heading in the semantic and accessible structure but visually hidden.

Please, let me know what screen reader you are using and we can address it.


Hi @israel.cefrin
I think I have not explained well, the title Downloads (in Galleys) has a class in the H2 label (which I think is assigned by mistake) that makes it visually hidden, but, if I change it by the class “label” it is shown effectively as it should be shown originally. The class “label” is the same class used by the rest of the titles in that column.

Apology for my English.

Hi @dagosalas

No worries about language.

Regarding the “Downloads” heading. This element didn’t exist in Default Theme previous OJS 3.3.
In fact, it was added H2 headings to all the article sidebar. However, to keep it visually close to the previous theme version, the elements that didn’t existed were hidden via CSS to keep it semantic, accessible and uniform with previous versions of this theme.

If you have access to an OJS 3.1 using Defaul Theme, you can check and see that “Published” was enclosed by an tag. Which had no semantic and didn’t improve accessibility for the page.

We are aware that we can improve even more the accessibility to the theme. Hence, please, let me know if you think that this heading should be visible and if you could, also provide an use case where it can cause issues if it is not.

Israel Cefrin
PKP Team