[OJS3.1] 'Submissions' locale key

Hi @asmecher,

We have noticed a strange glitch related to translate key used in the Primary menu for the ‘Submissions’ item. There are different keys with the English word ‘Submissions’ in OJS. However, some of them might have different translations in other languages.

So now we have a misleading ‘Отправленные материалы’ (submitted documents) item in the Primary menu, which leads to the page correctly named ‘Отправка материалов’ (submission).


It was OK in OJS 3.0 and the issue might have been introduced at some stage in OJS 3.1.
There is a chance, that e.g. navigation.submissions might now be used instead of about.submissions. Tagging @ppv1979

I’ve submitted this as an issue:

Dear @Dimitris_Efstathiou, I am really sorry for bothering you. But would you be so kind to look once again at the issue above. We would be really grateful if you could create a PR before 3.1.2 is released. It is important for us.