OJS3.1 Review Report, reviewer's emails

I have a question, when I export the review report from tool->statistics, I could not find the contact information of all reviewers.
Is there any way that I can export the corresponding information of all reviewers?
Thank you very much.

@asmecher please help, thank you.

Hi @mujiec,

Please be patient; we’re a small team juggling a lot of priorities :slight_smile:

These would need to be added to the report by editing plugins/reports/reviewReport/ReviewReportPlugin.inc.php and plugins/reports/reviewReport/ReviewReportDAO.inc.php. If you think this is a useful addition and you’re able to make it, consider sending in a pull request to that plugin’s repository: GitHub - pkp/reviewReport: Review report plugin for OMP/OJS

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much @asmecher