[OJS3.1.1.0] Revision requested status not showing in editorial dashboard quick preview

After upgrading from OJS 3.1.0 to 3.1.1, a Quick preview of article status for “Revisions have been requested” is not visible for editorial dashboard as shown in ss below-
In this screenshot example article id 432 was requested for revision but status preview with triangle is not available on the editorial dashboard. However, when I logged in as the author of this article, status preview as expected visible on author dashboard.

ping @NateWr (need 20 chars…=)

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The status messages will only be shown to users who need to act on them. So only the author will see the Revisions Requested message in the submissions list.

Thanks! I thought editor can also see the status as it was available to editor dashbord in previous version.

Hi all,

First, thank you @NateWr o explain the behavior. We are using the latest OJS 3.1.2-4 and noticed this behavior. Looks like it has been designed and implemented that way.

But I would still like to ask to change it and show this info either in the editorial dashboard or on the submission itself. Right know that inf is visible only in the Editorial history. So the editor has to open the submission, check the Editorial history and only then he/she sees the status of the submission and not requesting revisions again.

I hope you understand the problem. I would kindly ask you for your opinion on it. Not to mention woudl be very happy to have that implemented in some way :slight_smile:

Regards, Primož

HI @primozs,

We’ve had some UI/UX discussion about this and I think it’s safe to say that better visibility into the review stage is an important improvement. We don’t have dedicated work on this scheduled at this time, but you can follow some of the discussion that’s been had here:

One of our editors writes:
“it would be so useful to have a status for each article that comes up in the initial list of submissions - eg awaiting review, awaiting editor decision, author revising, etc.”
This topic isn’t going away!