OJS3.0.2. XML import warning Missing argument 2 for PKPImportExportDeployment::getFileDBId()

Hi @bozana,

I am importing some articles and got this error:

PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for PKPImportExportDeployment::getFileDBId(), called in /lib/pkp/plugins/importexport/native/filter/NativeXmlSubmissionFileFilter.inc.php on line 213 and defined in /lib/pkp/classes/plugins/importexport/PKPImportExportDeployment.inc.php on line 215

It did not prevent the import, but what does it mean?

@ajnyga, would it be maybe possible for you to update to the ojs-stable-3_0_2? – The second parameter there is not required any more and there were some bug fixes on the plugin since the release, I believe.
If not, I would try to find what were the commits/fixes you could/should apply…

I actually had to upgrade the native import plugin to stable 3.0.2 but did not upgrade anything else. I can not recall right now what the problem was with it, but the import did not work with the original 3.0.2 release.

Do you think that those warnings are harmful in some way? I mean, can they cause trouble if I import to our production site? I am thinking of some kind of fileId collision.

Hi @ajnyga

I think, that in your case the different file revisions are not inserted/imported correctly :frowning:

Did you updated the native importexport plugin in the lib/pkp as well? – it seems like you didn’t, but it would be necessary, I think – in order to keep it consistent…


Sorry for not replying here earlier, I solved this already in the morning. Indeed I had not updated /lib/pkp/classes/plugins/importexport/PKPImportExportDeployment.inc.php to 3.0.2. stable. After doing that things worked without errors.

The command line import does however consume a lot of memory. I had a file of 250 megabytes and 1024 was not enough memory to deal with that. Have you ever tested how much memory is needed for larger files like 250 megabytes? But I edited my Excel to OJS Native XML conversion script so that it is now chopping each volume to separate file, so I end up with files smaller than 30 megabytes.

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