OJS2 to OJS3 upgrade: published articles left in Copyediting stage


I recently upgraded a OJS2 installation to OJS3.1.1.4.

I noticed that a lot of the published articles are still in copyediting stage. They appear in the Archive list and have the Published status, but when you open them, the active stage is Copyediting.

I think this means that in OJS2 the articles have not been moved to production like they should have. Maybe the OJS3 upgrade should in these cases automatically move all published articles to production stage?

What do you think @bozana or @asmecher

Hi @ajnyga,

Batch modification of old data makes me very, very nervous! I’m not outright against the idea, but can you write a little more about your goals? The most important thing (to me) is that 1) the submission queues are accurate (so work can continue), which seems to be the case; I wonder whether the interface accurately reflects what’s in the database but that there’s a data error with the old data (I suspect that’s the case), or whether OJS is misreading what’s in the database (also possible since data expectations have evolved since 2.x).

It’s entirely possible that the problem is an inconsistency in the OJS 2.x dataset; if that’s the case, and if it’s a simple query to correct it, then it might be possible to resolve it during the 2.x to 3.x upgrade – but I’m hesitant to add a fix to 3.x data that may have progressed since the 2.x upgrade took place.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Chill Alec! :smiley:

My main concern with this is that there will some function or future upgrade process that assumes all published submissions are in production stage. But I will look into the details of both the OJS2 original data and the converted one and see what the clitch is.

Another related problem is that in most of the upgraded submissions the editor is both the editor and the author. This means that in OJS3 the editor can not access the submissions anymore as an editor. I can of course do batch changes to the database post upgrade, but again checking if the user is both the editor and the author and removing the author stage assignment could be a good solution in the actual upgrade process.

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