OJS2 files missing

I have OJS

Ok this is what happend.

  1. I backed up Files and Database.
  2. I backed up database again (two new issues) but no files :frowning:
  3. I restore files and database.

Now the database has two new issues, but the files are missing (duh doy), my galley says theres a file, but it doesnt exist.

In the galley i tried to upload a new file, but this wont work.
Example: Revistas | El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Is there any way via FTP to do this?
The problem is just present in the CURRENT ISSUE.

Besides Quick submit to fix the problem, is there a fastest way?


Hi @darkermisae

It would be best if you would upload the files via GUI and in the layout/galley part of an article – the files have specific names when uploaded at the server and it should fit with the entries in the DB… There seems to be not so many articles, so it seems manually manageable…
Why did it not work when you tried to upload a new file? What exactly happened? Are your files folder permissions correct?


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Hey @bozana, thanks for the advice, and an apologize for taking to long to respond.
I tried almost everything, but the permissions did the trick. The thing is that i don’t know why the permission changed.


Hi @bozana. Hey i have had some new issues that have been fixed already, but there are more to fix.
Can i ask you another cuestion?
There are some files missing from the editorial process (SUMMARY REVIEW, EDITING).
Where those files are stored? in wich location of the ojs folder.

Hi @darkermisae

They should be in the folder submisison/, in sub-folders review/, copyedit/ and layout/.