OJS v2.4.8.1 captcha seems to give a black image with coloured dots but no letters to enter


I have inherited an OJS v. server and I see that this version of OJS will only support v1 of reCaptcha but not v2 of reCaptcha but reCaptcha is no longer available from google.

I want to enable captcha/recaptcha but the business do not want to upgrade from this version so I assume that captcha is now the only available option.

I have enabled captcha but when I go to register, the captcha image is black with coloured dots on it and no letters. Has anyone seen this issue and know how to resolve it?

The server is lamp rhel6, apache 2.2, mysql 5.1 php 5.3.3.

It sounds like your CAPTCHA is missing the associated font file. Check the value of font_location in config.inc.php to ensure it points to a valid file.

That was it!. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: