OJS update issue: old submissions ended up in new submissions section

  • Application Version - OJS
  • Previous version - OJS
  • Steps you took leading up to the issue - it happened after upgrade
  • What you tried to resolve the issue - Not sure what to do
  • Screenshots attached.

Two of our journals have let us know that a bunch of old and previously declined articles were added into the “unassigned new submissions” section after the upgrade. These articles were declined without having gone to review, and we will be able to tell which ones they are because the dates are several years old. We are wondering if it might be a database issue, and how this can be resolved even if we have to resolve it manually?

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(Edited: Friday - July 30th 2021)

Hello @NateWr !

I am really sorry to get back to you so late, our OJS admin just got to it yesterday. Your feedback in this thread was really helpful and my OJS admin was able to address the issue manually (“re-decline each submission”) from the front end of OJS. That also means I did not have to change the status in database from the backend.

We could modify the submission’s status in the database but our OJS admin chose to correct it from the front end.

I would like to say thank you for your time. We are very grateful to PKP support!

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Ps: since you closed the ticket I do not have a way to response to you but to modify my question so to let you know.


Hi @dung, these submissions probably don’t have the correct status. I recommend you check the Activity Log for these submissions. You should see a a decline decision recorded in the log. If you don’t see a decline decision, you will want to manually re-decline each submission to ensure the decline decision is recorded. However, this will impact your editorial statistics: you’ll see a large number of decline decisions at this date, rather than their original decline date.

If you see the decline decisions in the activity log, then that’s good. It means the historical record is intact. You only need to modify the submission’s status in the database. You can set it to 4 for each submission, which will match the STATUS_DECLINED state. Please backup your database before trying this.

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